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You Pick, We Shop.

We partner with your school to create pre-packaged custom school kits. We cater to every student, with no costs to your school, and no minimum orders.

Our Process

First Step

We learn about your school’s needs and establish the supply lists.

Second Step

Parents conveniently buy their child a School Kit with a click of a button.

Third Step

Our team delivers directly to your classroom. No need for pickup.

Common Questions

Are there any contracts or commitments?

No, we don’t require contracts or minimum orders.

How much does it cost?

Our program is free to your school.

How do we get our School Kit?

We deliver directly to your child's classroom before school starts. 

What if our school already has a company that handles our supplies?

You can use us as an alternative option. Most parents would rather give money back to the school instead of to a company.

Can you label my child's School Kit?

Yes, we label each School Kit and provide a label sheet with your child's name to stick on each item. 

Any Questions?

Send us an email to hello@schoolkits.org

Very good option for parents to buy the school supplies from one place. Thank you for this service.

Parent from Houston Quran Academy

Immensely convenient, super beneficial, and reasonably priced. Thank you for this wonderful service.

Joe Bradford

Thank you for doing this for us busy parents! This saved me so much time shopping this year.

Parent from Iman Academy SE